Tempo Pilates

If you’re looking for pilates that goes with the flow, Tempo Pilates doesn’t miss a beat. Music is at the heart of their energetic sessions, which uses reformer machines, along with dumbbells and squeezy resistance rings to get the calories burning and the sweat flowing. The teachers here are on-point, so if you’re just starting…


Cardio Pilates at Bootcamp Pilates

I have been to Bootcamp Pilates quite a few times in the past and always really enjoyed it. However, for no particular reason I haven’t been for ages…so when they got in touch and offered Healthy Living London the chance to trial their Cardio Pilates class I jumped at the chance – mostly because I’ve always rated them as a studio but also I get bored super easily so I loved the idea of taking the reformer machine and creating a new kind of class around it.


The benefits of boot camp Pilates

Hard-core Pilates may be brutal but the results speak for themselves.

Pilates. Is it just me, or does the word fill most people with mind-numbing boredom and a sudden desire to do anything – rearrange the laundry cupboard, buy light bulbs, tackle that tax return – rather than lie down and breathe?