Bootcamp is hot, Pilates is not, according to a new survey forecasting fitness trends for 2011.

In fact so precipitous was the fall of Pilates, once a fitness staple, that Dr Walter Thompson, lead author of an annual poll conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine, is starting to call it a fad….

A group workout.

Workout Wednesday

The concept: Some people joke that Pilates is like a nice lie down in Lycra. Bootcamp Pilates though? It’s definitely not that. With only ten people in each class, each with their own sci-fi sounding Reformer (in reality, a machine with six springs and two bands which provide adjustable resistance during the exercise), it is an intense and effective hour-long workout, targeting your core, but also working on wobbly extremities with hand-held weights. After the first class (it is recommended you do between one and three beginners classes to get used to the equipment) you will ache in places you didn’t know existed. By the third class you’ll feel smugly firmer in the places that perhaps existed a little too much beforehand. I’m doing it alongside my newbie ELLE Running Club training, and it’s definitely helping me to feel steadier on my feet….


Cardio Pilates at Bootcamp Pilates

I have been to Bootcamp Pilates quite a few times in the past and always really enjoyed it. However, for no particular reason I haven’t been for ages…so when they got in touch and offered Healthy Living London the chance to trial their Cardio Pilates class I jumped at the chance – mostly because I’ve always rated them as a studio but also I get bored super easily so I loved the idea of taking the reformer machine and creating a new kind of class around it.